Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Winter Open Show 2009

29th November 2009
Judge: Miss K Miller (Feorlig)
Welfare classes and Junior Handling Judge: Miss F McWade

BIS: Powdermill Touch The Stars (Mrs & Miss Weston)
Res BIS: Rozamie Reputation (Magri & Arrowsmith)
BOS: Rozamie Reputation (Magri & Arrowsmith)
BPIS: Paupad Revelation (Mr & Mrs Coughlan)
Res BPIS: Burghbridge Ur Pure Gold (Mr & Mrs Houghton-Jones)
Best Veteran In Show: Southanning Top Hat (Mr & Mrs Foote)
Best Phalene In Show: Temelora For
Res Best Phalene Temelora Nymph JW (Morrell & Teague)
BD: Powdermill Touch The Stars
Res BD: Frasermar Icicle at Caswell (Mrs Scovell)
BB: Rozamie Reputation
Res BB: Temelora Forest Nymph JW
BPD: Burghbridge Ur Pure Gold
Res BPD: Rozamie Recognition (Magri & Arrowsmith)
BPB: Paupad Revelation
Res BPB: Rayol Eternity (Roberts & Smith)

MPD 10 ents 1 ab
1st Burghbridge Black Shadow (Mr & Mrs Bartram)
2nd Jadelands Summertime in Poppywood (Mrs Wilkinson)
3rd Burghbridge Golden Rod at Taliesyn (Mrs Geary)
Res Temelora Ilumination (Morrell & Teague)
VHC Temelora Flite Of Fancy (Morrell & Teague)

PD 6 ents 2 ab
1st Burghbridge Ur Pure Gold (Mr & Mrs Houghton-Jones)
2nd Adinamashan Timeless Whispa at Gladwill (Mr & Mrs Fitch)
3rd Lilnrose Mistletoe And Wine ( Miss Waller)
Res Panspayon Olivanda (Miss Orchard)

JD 10 ents 2 ab
1st Ringland Genie’s To Alex for Temelora (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Tykkydewas Rockin’ Robin (Mrs Osborne)
3rd Rozamie Recognition (Magri & Arrowsmith)
Res Bellaluna Leonando (Mrs McWade)
VHC Bedellus Jive Dancing to Julandia ( Mrs Cook)

BD 4 ents 1 ab 1 w/d
1st Rosenjon Just Like AJ Styles (Master Howarth)
2nd Farleysbane Fabulace from Farthinghall (Mrs Milroy)

MD 3 ents 3 ab

ND 7 ents 3 ab
1st Bedellus Jive Dancing to Julandia
2nd Lilnrose Mistletoe And Wine
3rd Panspayon Olivanda
Res Temelora Soul’s Song (Morrell & Teague)
GD 10 ents 2 ab
1st Burghbridge Ur Solid Gold Skyvana (Mr & Mrs Bartram)
2nd Panspayon Lucky Jim (Mrs & Miss Orchard)
3rd Lilacrose Just Black Magic (Mrs Diprose)
Res Elendil San Michele (Mrs & Ms Borg)
VHC Lynbank Smartie Jones (Misses McGrath)

PGD 10 ents 1 ab
1st Southanning Kiss Me Quick (Mr & Mrs Foote)
2nd Jhanakia Highland Pride (Austin & Thompson)
3rd Elendil Berengar (Mrs & Ms Borg)
Res Kenmilleven Mystic Dreamer (Mrs & Miss Mann)
VHC Brontigear Orlando ShCM ( Mrs & Miss Brooks)

LD 12 ents 4 ab
1st Frasermar Icicle at Caswell
2nd Rozamie Remarkable (Magri & Arrowsmith)
3rd Elendil Rob Roy (Mrs & Ms Borg)
Res Jhanakia Highland Destiny (Austin & Thompson)
VHC Temelora Storm Brewin JW (Morrell & Teague)

OD 12 ents 3 ab
1st Powdermill Touch The Stars
2nd Temelora Just Magic JW ShCM (Morrell & Teague)
3rd Panspayon Atlantis (Miss Orchard)
Res Tykkydewas Masterdarcy (Mrs Osborne)
VHC Ir Ch Serenglade Flag Ship by Rayol (Roberts & Smith)

VD 10 ents 4 ab
1st Southanning Top Hat
2nd Caswell Copper Charmer (Mrs Scovell)
3rd Bluejays Shadow Warrior (Miss Farrell)
Res Jhanakia Monarch Of The Glen (Austin & Thompson)
VHC Aust. Ch Cheryldene Double Oh Seven (Mrs & Miss Lockett)

SpOPhD 4 ents
1st Ir Ch Serenglade Flag Ship by Rayol
2nd Temelora Ilumination
3rd Temelora Soul’s Song
Res Temelora Flite Of Fancy

MPB 8 ents 1 ab
1st Rayol Eternity
2nd Panspayon Paige (Miss Orchard)
3rd Temelora Heart N Soul (Morrell & Teague)
Res Rozamie Fleur De Lys (Magri & Arrowsmith)
VHC Temelora Secret Love (Morrell & Teague)

PB 9 ents 4 ab
1st Paupad Revelation
2nd Burghbridge Imperial Gold (Mr & Mrs Bartram)
3rd Burghbridge Ura Golden Girl (Mrs Price)
Res Rozamie Helen Hiwater (Mr & Mrs Fisher)
VHC Lilnrose Living Doll (Miss Waller)

JB 13 ents 3 ab
1st Temelora Enter The Dream (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Tykkdewas Time For Me (Mrs Osborne)
3rd Temelora Gathering Dreams for Paupad Mr & Mrs Coughlan)
Res Kingshaven Zaffron at Altaya (Mr & Mrs Stanmore)
VHC Cheryldene Xenia Goldeneye (Mrs & Miss Lockett)

BB 3 ents 1 ab
1st Burghbridge Ura Golden Girl
2nd Lafford Austin City Limits from Fathinghall (Mrs Milroy)

MB 7 ents 1 ab
1st Powdermill Look Timelessly (Mrs & Miss Weston)
2nd Taliesyn Polyanthus (Mr Houghton-Jones)
3rd Lilnrose Living Doll
Res Temelora Polly Pocket (Morrell & Teague)
VHC Bedellus Jive On to Julandia (Mr & Mrs Cook)

NB 11 ents 5 ab
1st Barleybright Pebbles (Mrs Chandler)
2nd Panspayon Paige
3rd Babrees Divine Magic at Lilnrose (Miss Waller)
Res Matura Domino (Mrs Lee)
VHC Ringlands Rainbows To Chase (Mrs & Miss Massey)

GB 10 ents 1 ab
1st Powdermill Look Of An Angel (Mrs & Miss Weston)
2nd Wishful Thinking for Tricianbri (Lt Cdr & Mrs Cox)
3rd Taliesyn Violet Elizabeth (Mrs Geary)
Res La Fille Bienaimee at Lilnrose (Miss Waller)
VHC Havenbar Bell Of The Ball (Mrs Nash)

PGB 8 ents 4 ab
1st Rozamie Reputation
2nd Lorah’s Blissful (Allward-Chebsey & Foster)
3rd Elendil Celestine for Rayol (Roberts & Smith)
Res Temelora Magic Affair (Miss Goodwin)

LB 9 ents 2 ab
1st Temelora Forest Nymph JW
2nd Burghbridge Imperial Lady (Mr & Mrs Bartram)
3rd Paupad Floral Dynasty (Mr & Mrs Coughlan)
Res Jhanakia Highland Flame (Austin & Thompson)
VHC Amazing Moonshine over Inixa (Stamp & Barber)
OB 3 ents 1ab
1st Temelora Lucky Lady (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Bodebi Oriana to Rayol (Roberts & Smith)

VB 7 ents 4 ab
1st Cheryldene Xotique Mrs & Miss Lockett)
2nd Charmont Lucy Locket (Stamp & Barber)

SpOPhB 8 ents 2 ab
1st Temelora Forest Nymph JW
2nd Barleybright Pebbles
3rd Bodebi Oriana to Rayol
Res Temelora Polly Pocket
VHC Elendil Celestine for Rayol

Judge Miss F McWade

Brace 3 ents 2 ab
1st Mr & Mrs Coughlan’s brace

SpOD 5 ents 1 ab
1st Panspayon Atlantis
2nd Ch Ringlands Treasures Story
3rd Charlie Of Asti at Bluejays (Miss Farrell)
Res Aust. Ch Cheryldene Double Oh Seven

SpOB 3 ents 1 ab
1st Cheryldene Xenia Goldeneye
2nd Barleybright Pebbles
3rd Burghbridge Ura Golden Girl

Best Fringed D Charlie Of Asti at Bluejays
Best Fringed B Bodebi Oriana to Rayol
Best Fringes In Show Charlie Of Asti at Bluejays