Adoption Application

Click here for more information on adopting a rescue Papillon

To apply to adopt a rescue Papillon, please complete and submit the following form. Or, if you prefer, click here to download a PDF form to complete and post to the Rescue Co-ordinator.

Are you aware of The Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the five welfare needs of Animals?*
Have you taken into account the restrictions that having a dog will place on your lifestyle?*
Do you have children in the house?*
Do you have children visiting on a regular basis?*
Have you had experience of rescue dogs previously?*
Do you own other dogs?*
Are they neutered?
Are they vaccinated?
Are they microchipped?
Do you have other pets?
Is your home rented or owned?*

If rented we will ask you to supply the tenancy agreement, or letter from the landlord, together with their phone number.

Do you have a secure well fenced garden?*
Would you be able to take a pair of dogs?*
What gender dog do you require?*
Are you prepared to have the dog neutered?*
Would you be willing to have the dog insured?*
Would the dog be vaccinated on a regular basis?*
Would the dog be kept up to date with flea, tick and worm treatment?*
Are you aware of the common poisons for dogs?*

Do you have access to the following?

Veterinary practice?*
Dog Training Club?*
Dog walking area?*

Please tick the problems which you honestly feel unable to cope with:

If you are elderly, have you considered the possibility of the dog outliving you?
Would you be interested in membership to the Papillon Club?*
I/We have given this information and it is true to the best of our knowledge*

Why am I asked to give a donation for a rescue dog?

Your adoption donation covers worming and flea treatment, vaccinations, microchipping, spaying and neutering. Any vet treatment, kenneling, food, bed, toys, treats, collar, lead, harness that your adopted dog had whilst waiting to be adopted, were most likely paid for by generous donations from our supporters, or by fund raising by the rescue. The time, phone calls and petrol involved in networking, homechecking and transporting were given freely by rescue volunteers. Your donation, most likely, doesn’t cover the amount spent on the dogs. Adoption Donations allow rescues to clear vets bills and kennel bills and to be able to help the next dog in need. That is why you are asked for an adoption donation.

Our average donation is £300 with amounts varying from £100 to £600 depending on the age of the dog and the amount of ongoing vets treatment it will require.