Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Winter Open Show 2001

16 December 2001
Judges – Miss K Farrell (Dogs); Mrs P Wilson (Bitches)

Best in Show: Happypappy Yogamaster
Best Puppy in show: Graycaz Ona Promise

Res. Best in Show:

Best Dog : Caswell Copper Charmer
Res.Best Dog :
Best Bitch : Happypappy Yogamaster
Res.Best Bitch : Graycaz Ona Promise

Minor Puppy Dog ( 6)
1st: Tawzan Fun And Fancy Free
2nd: Temelora Wandering Star
3rd: Glasafon Welsh Gold
Res: Christea Crackling Crumpet
VHC: Caswell Second Chance

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: Graycaz Ima Firestarter
2nd: Shamal Tell Me Another
3rd: Elendil Alexander

Junior Dog (4)
1st: Tykkydewas Twylytetango
2nd: Inixia You Know Hugh
3rd: Barj Hot Gossip in Matura
Res: Havenbar Magic Moon

Maiden Dog (2)
1st: Denemore Treasure Chest at Inixia
2nd: Ibstock Class Master

Novice Dog (3)
1st: Inixia How’s That
2nd: Burghbridge Royal Falcon
3rd: Crealiatown Tom Thumb

Post Graduate (13)
1st: Ringlands Red Rikki at Barleybright
2nd: Tykkydewas Timothy
3rd: Tawzan Bizzy Bee Bee
Res: Daneview Rhythm And Blues
VHC: Inixia Fun And Games

Limit Dog (9)
1st: Inixia So Be It for Elendil
2nd: Temelora Finnian
3rd: Ringlands Magician
Res: Inixia Hugo’s There
VHC: Lindendale Martini

Open Dog ( 9)
1st: Serenglade Sacchini Temelora
2nd: Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader of Daneview
3rd: Ibstock Marksman
Res: Tykkydewas Twylytedancer
VHC: Kingshaven Quizotic

Special Beginners Dog (5)
1st: Shamal Tell Me Another
2nd: Tykkydewas Timothy
3rd: Rayol Wolverine
Res: Graycaz JP Gaurien
VHC: Creliatown Tom Thumb

Veteran Dog ( 3)
1st: Caswell Copper Charmer
2nd: Ch Tussalud Story Teller
3rd: Shirando Toy Solider

Special Open Phalène Dog (2)
1st: Harilovon Dandie
2nd: Glenscott Happy Welcome

Minor Puppy Bitch (9)
1st: Chriskadu Kataleyna
2nd: Giverny Charismatic Chloe
3rd: Tussalud Cruella De-Ville
Res: Bonifee Penelope of Tykkydewas
VHC: Chartiga Angel Delight

Puppy Bitch ( 3)
1st: Graycaz Ona Promise
2nd: Chriskadu Koral
3rd: Elendil Mistinguette

Junior Bitch (7)
1st: Novastar I Can Do Magic
2nd: Lady Susanna at Marshlea
3rd: Sunshoo Imastar Lighter
Res: Melangel Dolly Dream Girl
VHC: Inixia Mademoiselle Violette

Maiden Bitch (2)
1st: Rimzim Bronya
2nd: Havenbar Sweet Dreams

Novice Bitch (7)
1st: Rimzim Kaiulani
2nd: Inixia Courtesan
3rd: Chriskadu Koral
Res: Melangel Dolly Dream Girl
VHC: Inixia Senorita Victoria

Post Graduate Bitch (13)
1st: Pinelan Amaryllis
2nd: Inixia Femme Fatale
3rd: Harilovon Marlene
Res: Ringlands Gambling Amber at Novastar
VHC: Lynricks Ain’t She Sweet

Limit Bitch (12)
1st: Happypappy Yogamaster
2nd: Inixia Sweet Dreams
3rd: Shalandar Snowberry
Res: Lorah’s Livin’ On The Run
VHC: Inixia French Frie

Open Bitch (8)
1st: Burghbridge Our Princess
2nd: Ibstock Adorabelle at Tussalud
3rd: Marshlea Belle Fille
Res: Tawzan Freya of Chriskadu
VHC: Inixia Frenchman’s Floozie

Special Beginners Bitch (3)
1st: Aporia Toy Princess
2nd: Tykkydewas Twylytepolka
3rd: Melangel Dolly Dream Girl

Veteran Bitch (3)
1st: Tawzan Storybook Girl of Chriskadu
2nd: Simply Sophia at Serenglade
3rd: Claretta Dainty Naliandrah

Special Open Phalène Bitch (2)
1st: Harilovon Marlene
2nd: Harilovon Parience