Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Spring Open Show 2005

20 February 2005
Judges: Mr J Fothergill, Mrs E Bartram (Specials & JH)

BIS Tijuana Georgio
RBIS Sunshoo Imacrystal Mist
BOS Red Request Ur Ringlands
BD Red Request Ur Ringlands
RBD Amicae Star Charm at Kingshaven
BB Tijuana Georgio
RBB Sunshoo Imacrystal Mist
BPIS Sunshoo Imacrystal Mist
RBPIS Troysdale Xius of Cheryldene
BPD Troysdale Xius of Cheryldene
BPB Sunshoo Imacrystal Mist

MPD (11 / 2 abs)
1st Ringlands Cover Boys Story
2nd Creliatown Our Ted
3rd Invergarick Make-No-Mistakes
4th Tawzan Do It Like Dudley
5th Beverston Tri As You Like It

PD (7/1 abs)
1st Troysdale Xius of Cheryldene
2nd Sunshoo Imawhite Diamond
3rd Bodebi Success Story for Beddellus
4th Tawzan Be Like Bailey
5th Tinklebury Glenbogle

JD (8/3 abs)
1st Tykkyedwas Masterdarcy
2nd Alwenil Wowitssidian
3rd Barleybright Moustache
4th Tinklebury Lord Of The Dance
5th Kazkell Li Siu Lung for Leighroy

MD (4)
1st Sunshoo Imawhite Diamond
2nd Creliatown Our Ted
3rd Barleybright Moustache
4th Melangel Impassioned

ND (4/2 abs)
1st Red Request Ur Ringlands
2nd Fedrig Jump N’Jive

GD (6)
1st Rayol Aristotles
2nd Tykkyedwas Masterdarcy
3rd Farleysbane U Rang M’Lord at Kingshaven
4th Paulinka Raif Pack Leader of Vironston
5th Southanning Top Hat

PGD (9/2 abs)
1st Macstrak Classic Jazz
2nd Kirkchase Flash Dance with Tinklebury
3rd Tykkyedwas Masterdarcy
4th Glasafon Pure Magic
5th Shirando Officer Dibble

LD (9/1 abs)
1st Snowlord High Society for Temelora
2nd Tijuana Melody Maker
3rd Jhankia Royal Highlander
4th Tinklebury Dr No
5th Larvik The Explorer of Cheryldene

OD (11/ 1 abs)
1st Amicae Star Charm at Kingshaven
2nd Jhanakia Monarch Of The Glen
3rd Temelora Wallace
4th Tykkydewas Rowanberry
5th Christea Crackling Crumpet with Skyvana

SpBD (3)
1st Southanning Top Hat (transferred class SpO Ph D)
2nd Fedrig Jump N’Jive
3rd Melangel Funtime Frankie

VD (9/2 abs)
1st Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
2nd Ch Alcala Ringleader
3rd Vella Eurocrat
4th Vironston Tobias Ur My Angel
5th Shamal Mystique

SpOPhD (2/1 abs)
1st Temelora Soul Mate

MPB (13/5 abs)
1st Gleniren Starlight Kisses
2nd Tussalud Mine She’s Mine
3rd Tussalud The Cat Walk
4th Invergarick Modern Milly
5th Gennasus Lyra at Penang

PB (10/3 abs)
1st Sunshoo Imacrystal Mist
2nd Amicae Spirit
3rd Jaroma Highland Whisper at Jhanakia
4th Hemdale Georgeous Georgia
5th Havenbar Minniemouse

JB (8/4 abs)
1st Gleniren Scarlet Signature
2nd Rayol Seraph
3rd Alwenil Skips Jewel
4th Ringlands Pearl

MB (7/2 abs)
1st Sunshoo Imascarlet Rumour
2nd Elendil Portia 3rd Ringlands Pearl
4th Havenbar Minniemouse
5th Tykkydewas Harriet

NB (4/1 abs)
1st Elendil Dark Opal
2nd Ringlands Pearl
3rd Havenbar Simply Sophie

GB (8/5 abs)
1st Tawzan Bo Bobbins at Southanning
2nd Gleniren Scarlet Signing to Sunshoo
3rd Lynlight I’ll Remember You at Barleybright

PGB ( 10/ 1 abs)
1st Tijuana Georgio
2nd Melangel Georgie Girl
3rd Elendil Amaryllis
4th Murvagh Rippling Stream
5th Powdermill Look At The Stars

LB (8/ 5 abs)
1st Serenglade Shadow Dancer for Temelora
2nd Graycaz Tongue In Cheek with Skyvana
3rd Cheryldene Tres Bonne

OB (11/ 3 abs)
1st Cheryldene Xotique
2nd Farleysbane Unsung Melody at Kingshaven
3rd Genendale Glint Of Gold of Elendil
4th Serenglade Santanya for Temelora
5th Jhankia Highland Breeze

SpBB (3/ 1 withdrawn)
1st Melangel Dolly Daydream
2nd Ringlands Pearl

VB (2)
1st Murvagh Moonlit Waters
2nd Simply Sophia at Serenglade

SOPhB (2 /1 abs)
1st Serenglade Santanya for Temelora

Brace (2/ 1 abs)
1st Morrell & Teagues
Classes judged by Mrs E Bartram

Sp OD (6 / 3 abs)

1st Inixia Perfect Host for Shirando
2nd Tykkydewas Masterdarcy
3rd Larvik The Xplorer of Cheryldene

Sp OB (4 / 2 abs)
1st Cheryldene Xotique
2nd Simply Sophia at Serenglade

JH cl. 6 – 11yrs (5 / 3 abs)
1st Rebecca Thompson
2nd Francesca McWadwe

JH cl 12 – 16 yrs (2)
1st Claire Butler
2nd Vikki Loader