Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Open Show July 2019

21 July 2019

Judge: Mrs Melanie Mann (Melangel)

I spent an enjoyable day Judging at the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Open show. The weather was kind to us but by the end of the day some of the dogs and owners were feeling the heat ! A big thanks must go to my stewards Bruce & Doreen who kept everything moving.

In both Dogs & bitches there were a variety of sizes and builds. I went for overall soundness and outline. Teeth all fairly clean and correct dentition but some coats were stained which detracted from their appearance. Movement varied with some dogs being quite unsettled today which made assessing them difficult. The overall quality was excellent but I noticed a number of loose fronts, particularly in the bitches, where instead of standing straight many were standing at 10 to 2 !

Melanie Mann

Best in Show: Rozamie Monsieur Arthur at Scapafield JW
Res BIS: Tijuana Mischief Maker
BOS & BPIS: Lafford Golden Child
Best Vet: Hilsorg Marks Amelia at Pappretty
Best Phalene: Tijuana Mayhem
Best Minor Puppy: Pappretty I Want A Hero
Best Fringes: Elfuago A New Adventure
Best Junior Handler: Grace Young

Best Dog: Rozamie Monsieur Arthur at Scapafield JW
Res Best Dog: Tijuana Mischief Maker
Best Puppy Dog: Pappretty I Want A Hero
Res Best Puppy Dog: Ablazzor Fire Storm for Vlinder
Best Bitch: Lafford Golden Child
Res Best Bitch: Lilnrose Too Vain To Dream Kazkell JW
Best Puppy Bitch: Lafford Golden Child
Res Best Puppy Bitch: Berestead Haute Couture

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1)
1st Anderson – Pappretty I Want A Hero Beautifully constructed 8 month old RSW puppy presented in excellent condition. Straight front and good turn of stifle led to flowing movement. Head needs to refine but should come as he matures. Reserve BPIS
2nd Atkins – Ablazzor Fire Storm for Vlinder Just turned 6 months and still very raw but this RW puppy certainly has a lot of potential. Another whose head is a work in progress!

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (1, 1)

Yearling Dog (3, 1)
1st Headley – Yeldaeh Simply Red Attentive 18mth old RSW , Attractive head with flaring ears and medium reach of neck. Stood square with a beautifully plumed jug handled tail. Moved out well maintaining his straight top line. Good outline in profile which earnt him this place.
2nd Maskell & Waller – Kazkell A Million Dreams with Lilnrose Well constructed & fringed tri-colour, beautiful hare feet, moved well but unhappy in the ring and dropped tail.

Maiden Dog (1, 0)
1st Cordon – Zoloto Oscar The First Well constructed stunning Tri colour Dog , up to size but could not be denied this placing. Presented in top condition. Moved out well and excelled in drive . What a pity he wasn’t able to stay for the challenge.

Novice Dog (2, 0)
1st Cordon – Zoloto Oscar The First
2nd Waller – Lilnrose Hey Mr Dream Maker Another tri with lots to like about him. Stood square with super level top line but did not have the wow factor of 1st.

Graduate Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (3, 0)
1st Waller – Lilnrose I’m A Love Bug JW Compact 2 yr old RSW. Attractive head with nicely defined stop and well placed and fringed ears. Well bodied and shown in full coat. Very attentive to handler who got the best out of him on the move.
2nd Headley – Lafford Dixon Of Dock Green 3 yr old tri. Pleasing outline in profile but was let down by his erratic movement today. Presented in good clean condition
3rd Geary – Taliesyn Black Walnut

Mid Limit Dog (1, 0)
1st Holmes – Elfuago Booyah This attractive, well constructed & muscled boy was very attentive to his handler and excelled in his free flowing movement.

Limit Dog (1, 0)
1st Bruce – Tijuana Mischief Maker 5 year old, well coated BW dog with stunning head, large flaring ears and good length of neck. His level top line & jug handled tail gave for a pleasing profile. He was straight in front with hare feet and good turn if stifle. His movement was erratic as he was more interested in smells on the ground. However in the challenge he pulled out all stops and flowed round the ring so I was pleased to award him RBIS.

Open Dog (4, 0)
1st Wiggins – Rozamie Monsieur Arthur at Scapafield JW 3 yr old Dark RS dog with flowing coat and amazing ring presence. Attractive head with large well furnished ears. Good shoulder placement, fine bone and hare feet. On the move he was accurate out and back & strode out well in profile. Very attentive to his handler. A real ‘Butterfly’ and a well deserved Best in Show.
2nd Aitkin – Elfuago A New Adventure 4YR OLD Tri colour. Another smart boy in good coat and condition. Balanced head , straight top line good legs and hare feet. On the move was not as light as the winner.
3rd Keown – Jorgealin Midnight Magic for Kingshaven
Res Atkins – Vlinder Light Of The Moon

Veteran Dog (1, 1)

Open Phalene Dog (2, 0)
1st Bruce – Tijuana Mayhem 2 yr old RSW in great coat and condition. Lovely head with well placed and fringed ears. Heavier build than 2nd but covered ground with purpose and was steady on the move.
2nd Waller & Maskell – Lilnrose Ears Looking At You Kazkell 2 yr old RSW of finer build than 1. Level top line and abundant fringing. A real butterfly so difficult to assess on the move which cost him first place .

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (2, 0)
1st Lees – Lafford Golden Child 10 mths old RSW – Wow what ring presence – couldn’t take my eyes off this 10 moth old RW puppy ! She strode round the ring as though she owned it . On the table she did not disappoint with correct dentition, well defined stop, Flaring well set ears with fringing coming, medium length of neck, correct shoulder placement and straight front. Her well turned stifle meant that she could flow effortlessly round the ring and she carried her level top line on the move. In the Bitch Challenge there was nothing to beat her and it was only the maturity and furnishings of my Best in Show and RBIS which kept her from winning top honours. BOS, BB & BP .
2nd Matthews – Berestead Haute Couture Well presented 10mth old RSW . She has the sweetest of heads with good mouth, dark eyes and beautiful silky coat. Moved out well with well set tail over back but unfortunately let down today when she dropped her tail when standing.

Junior Bitch (1, 1)

Yearling Bitch (4, 1)
1st Headley – Yeldeah Lady In Red Lovely head and flaring ears on this 17 mth old RW. Well bodied . Wonderful jug handled tail. Good turn of stifle and moved well out & back.
2nd Young – Jorgealin Tri Some Magic Again 17 months old this pretty tri although much smaller was so well put together. Moved well but preferred tail set of 1.
3rd Milroy – Farthinghall By Fly

Maiden Bitch (0)

Novice Bitch (1, 0)
1st Geary – Taliesyn Black Azelea At nearly 2 this Ghost Tri girl is just my type of Papillon. Stood alone but well deserved her 1st place. Well bodied and coated. Large flaring well fringed ears. Moved with drive.

Graduate Bitch (1, 1)

Post Graduate (3, 1)
1st Maskell – Lilnrose Too Vain To Dream Kazkell JW Another tri with a sweet expression. Well placed ears . Level top line held on the move. Another one with the correct jug handled tail.
2nd Geary – Taliesyn White Camelia Another well put together bitch but preferred head and expression of 1st

Mid Limit Bitch (2, 2)

Limit Bitch (2, 2)

Open Bitch (2, 2)

Veteran Bitch (2, 1)
1st Anderson – Hilsorg Marks Amelia at Pappretty 8 yr old BW beautiful head with large well set ears. Correct length of neck, level top line & great profile. Moved with drive. BVIS

Open Phalene Bitch (2, 1)
1st Maskell – Rayol Sparkling Gem NAF/TAF 18 mth old B&W with correct ear placement. Sweet head with well defined stop. Good body though movement needs to tighten up as she was all over the place & difficult to assess .