Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2014

19 April 2014

Judges: Dogs: Dianna Spavin; Bitches: Julie Sparrow; Best In Show, Junior Handling and Welfare: Sue Terry

Best in Show: Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Reserve Best in Show: Fin Ch Paparottsie Painted Lord JW ShCM
Best Opposite Sex: Sempefidelis Dulcidine

Best Puppy in Show Amicae Royal Seal
Reserve Best Puppy in show Temelora Mardi Gra
Best Minor Puppy in Show Tussalud Man on the Run

Dog CC Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo (Robb, Mrs I & Mr G)
RDCC Fin Ch Paparottsie Painted Lord JW ShCM (Davies, Mr G & B & Mrs P Urwin)
Best Puppy Dog Temelora Mardi Gra (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T)
Reserve Best Puppy Dog Tussalud Man on the Run (Stewart, Mrs K & Ms K Stewart-knight)
BCC Sempefidelis Dulcidine (Buckley-Waters, Lord & Mrs D)
RBCC Melangel Tilly Tri Star (Mann, Ms M & Misses B & J)
Best Puppy Bitch Amicae Royal Seal (Whitehill, Mrs M)
Reserve Best Puppy Bitch Volpecula Tess Truehart (Patrick, Ms E)

I thoroughly enjoyed my day hospitality second to none super dogs and very gracious exhibitors, I was extremely pleased with my dog line up for the CC, all very typical and full of quality, There were exhibits not placed in some of the larger classes I would have graded excellent if judging the continental system.
Dianna Spavin

Minor Puppy Dog: (12)
1st: Tussalud Man on the Run (Stewart K & Miss K Stewart Knight), 2 super puppies and close decision, Lovely head and expression, used ears well, good ribs bone and substance without coarseness. Good tail carriage, coat of correct texture,super temperament and very sound mover. Best Minor Puppy in Show.
2nd: Caraideas Figaro (Hill, Mrs J). Another quality puppy head of good proportions balanced outline, level topline neat feet,well angulated quarters, moved well.
3rd: Afterglow Adonis for Queenslake (Sharp-Dixon, Mr K & Mrs J Reeves & J Lynn)
Res: Buttalowie Solo Melangel (Mann, Ms MB & J)
VHC: Sweeetbriars Shine on Belvane (Richardson, Mrs A)

Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Temelora Mardi Gra (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & T), 8 mth baby super for type and quality, loved his head and expression, lovely straight front neat feet, well ribbed up for age sound mover and what an attitude. Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.
2nd: Powdermill Touch a Star (Bradford, Miss H), pleasing head and ear placement, correct bone with good front and rear angulation lovely profile movement would just like a little more weight .
3rd: Elendil Bellman (Borg, Mrs A & Ms E)
Res: Calajoys Baileys Cream (Joyce, Mrs J)
VHC: Rozamie Dream Chaser (Lockhart, Mrs V)

Junior Dog (7)
1st: Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo(Robb, Mrs I & Mr G). After placing this dog first I knew it would have to be something very special to beat him and although the Open dog came very close could not deny him the CC I loved his size head and conformation substance movement and most of all his attitude and ring presence was delighted to see him go best in show.
2nd: Laffod Fly the Flag (Lees, Mrs C), good honest dog, pleasing head and expression, preferred front of winner good topline, tail carriage in good coat lovely temperament showed well.
3rd: Erinbec Blizzard (Billingham, Mrs B & Mr T)
Res: Bonmeshay Ted Baker for Temelora (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & T)
VHC: Painted King Forussi at Henrix (Imp Pol) (Caton, Mr J & Mrs S)

Yearling Dog (10)
1st: Sweetbriars Face the Music at Johnasta (Williams, Mrs S).  Lovely clean outline and correct size, head of good proportions, straight front, good topline and quarters, correct coat texture, showed well.
2nd: Altaya Foreign Affair (Bull, Miss K), coat could be better but good sound honest dog, pleasing head mobile ears, good front, ribs, topline and tail set and carriage.
3rd: Altaya Just one Look (Stanmore, Mr N & Mrs N)
Res: Temelora Dream Lover (Morrel & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T
VHC: Powdermill Magic Touch at Panspayon (Orchard, Miss S & Mrs M)

Maiden Dog (1)
1st: Buttalowie Solo Melangel (Mann, Ms MB & J). 8mth Phalene sweet head, makes a nice shape, straight front correct topline good bend of stifle, lovely temperament.

Novice Dog (2nd: 1a)
1st: Rozamie Montpellier at Belvane (Richardson, Mrs A). Lovely shape and size, good head and mobile ears, correct hare foot well placed shoulders well angulated with good profile movement.

Graduate Dog (5, 1a)
1st: Feorlig Smart Alec over Novastar (Edson, Mr J & Mrs J), 2 nice dogs but this one won on performance, correct size, lovely clean outline, good front and rear angulation sound free movement.
2nd: Macstrack Jack Daniel (Hatch, Miss C), loved this dog super head proportions and correct rounded muzzle, excellent pigment, lovely angles good coat sound but was so disappointed he wouldn’t use his tail.
3rd: Denemore the Ruben Effect at Farthinghall (Milroy, Mrs K)

Post Graduate Dog (15)
1st: Feorlig Magic in the Making (Barnett, Mrs J). Very sound little dog excellent showmanship, good head with lovely ear shape and placement, clean outline, correct bone and substance, carried tail well and shown in good jacket
2nd: Tutyak Get up and Go (Cochrane, Mrs E). Certainly lived up to his name super front rear and profile movement. Not as finished as winner but lots to like about him, super head and expression correct ears well placed,lovely shape and size
3rd: Coffee Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp Pol NAF TAF (Caton, Mrt J & Mrs S)
Res: Bankshill Lord of the Rings Purepixie (Taylor, Mrs H)
VHC: Powdermill Original Touch (Dutton, Miss R)

Mid Limit Dog (12)
1st: Frasermar Explosion at Caswell (Scovell, Mrs J). 2 good representatives of the breed, just preferred front movement of winner, very sound youngster with lovely head and expression, correct bone and good front and rear assembly, correct tail carriage
2nd: Sharjoy in the Futire (Thornton, C & A), super little dog loved his soft eye and expression, correct length to height good feet tail set and carriage in good jacket and well presented
3rd: Connysluck the Red Baron (Bartram, Mr A & Mrs E)
Res: Temelora Rising Star (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T)
VHC: Lafford Dennis the Menace Poppywood (Wilkinson, Mrs S)

Limit Dog (8)
1st: Conysluck Juscalmeansome at Jalatemmes (Allsop,Ms J). Smaller mould but very balanced and well put together, lovely ear placement and fringing, straight front, well placed shoulders, level topline, loved his profile movement and such a showman
2nd: Tutyak Edward Rozamie (Cochrane, Mrs E), lovely head and soft expression, correct size with balanced outline, good ribbing and level topline super rear movement, preferred front movement on winner
3rd: Mystic Spark Melangel (Mann, Ms MB & J)
Res: Petichiens Moonbeam (Malcolm, Mr D & Mrs H)
VHC: Lennox Vive Vanette at Henrix (Imp Pol) (Caton, Mrt J & Mrs S)

Open Dog (12)
1st: Fin Ch Paparottsie Painted Lord (JW ShCM) TAF (Davies, Mr G & Mr T & Mrs P Urwin (handled by Tom Isherwood). This was a lovely class with some good dogs going unplaced .this dog has an exquisite head, ear placement and fringing, good neck and shoulders, with good return of upper arm which is lacking in so many breeds, correct bone and hare foot, straight front and good depth, correct rear angulation, shown in excellent coat and condition, lost out in the challenge as was not as settled on the move as CC winner so had to be content on RCC. I have no doubt these two dogs will change places regularly over the summer months.
2nd: Ch Burghbridge UR solid Gold Skyvanna JW ShCM (Bartram, Mr A & Mrs E). Really good honest dog with no outstanding faults pleasing head and lively expression, lovely balanced outline with level topline ample bone and substance, shown in good coat ans sound free mover
3rd: Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW ShCM (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J)
Res: Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic (Well & Brown, Mrs K & Mrs A)
VHC: Spinillons Zzuzzu JW ShCM (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J)

Veteran Dog (9)
1st: Ch Calajoy Robby Macfluff (Joyce, Mrs J), very sound 9 yr old super headed dog body well put together, lovely ribs and quarters, good tail set and on good jacket . Best veteran in Show
2nd: Temelora Just Magic JW ShCM (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T), sweet head and soft expression, lovely balanced outline with good topline and quarters, sound mover and shown in good coat, close decision.
3rd: Paupad Ring of Fire ShCM (Cullen, Mr & Mrs P & T)
Res: Papplewick Petroglyph ShCM Atkins, Mr & Mrs M & A)
VHC: Shamal Topaz ShCM (Malcolm, Mr D & Mrs H)

Open Phalene Dog (6)
1st: Multi Ch (7) Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons CW14 (Imp USA) (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J). Super showman who never put a foot wrong, lovely head and correct ear placement and carriage good front and rear angulation, level topline and good ribs, correct tail carriage shown in good coat. Best Phalene in Show
2nd: Temelora a Touch of Frost (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T). Sweet headed Phalene with pleasing soft eye and expression, good front and forechest, correct length of body, good topline and tailset shown in good coat and super temperament
3rd: Int Ch & Ir Ch Serenglade Flag Ship by Rayol CJW `08 `10 Jun Ch (Roberts MRs E & Smith, Miss C)
Res: Temelora Dream Lover (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & Mrs T)
VHC: Papadore Ears to love (Steele, Mrs Y)

Minor Puppy Bitch (15)
1st: Volpecula Tess Truehart (Patrick, Ms E)
2nd: Gleniren Starmaker (Robb, Mrs I & Mr G)
3rd: Afterglow Trinity (Isherwood, Mr T & Mrs J Scovell)
Res: Dourhu Ignorance is Bliss (Johnson, Mrs R)
VHC: Paparottsie All Been Said (Urwin, Mrs P)

Puppy Bitch (12)

1st: Amicae Royal Seal (Whitehill, Mrs M)
2nd: Connection Siljans Tiny Jewell for Paparottsie NAF TAF (Urwin, Mrs P)
3rd: Rozamie Kisses at Midnight at Feorlig (Miller, Ms K)
Res: Ringlands Wishes for Panspayon (Miss S Orchard)
VHC: Powdermill Look of Mischief (Bradford, Miss H)

Junior Bitch (11)
1st: Spinillons Sophistication JW, CJ1Res: (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J)
2nd: Melangle Unique Star for Lafay (Foynes, Mr & Mrs A)
3rd: Melangle Unchained Melody at Feorlig (Miller, Ms K)
Res: Caraideas Ragna (Hill, Mrs J)
VHC: No 219 (Not in the catalogue)

Yearling Bitch (VHC: 1a)
1st: Ringlands Summer Sunshine in Blackpark (NAF) (Urquhart, Mr & Mrs G)
2nd: Metamorphic Opal (Buckley-Waters, Lord & Mrs D)
3rd: Pappretty Crystal Magic (Anderson, Mrs C)

Maiden Bitch (5)
1st: Dourhu Ignorance is Bliss (Johnston, Mrs Ruth E)
2nd: Skyvana Party Time Jazz Plays Mezanda (Lindsay, Mrs S)
3rd: Farleysbane Firefly (TAF) (Lees, Mrs C)
Res: Sarasha Striptease (King, Miss J)
VHC: Buttalowie Sweet Caroline Melangel (Mann, Ms MB & J)

Novice Bitch (Res:1a)
1st: Melangel Unchained Melody at Feorlig (Miller, Ms K)
2nd: Temelora Wish Upon a Star (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & T)
3rd: Sarasha Striptease (King, Miss J)

Graduate Bitch (1)
1st: Rozamie Reinette (Borg, Mrs A & Ms E)

Post Graduate Bitch (13)
1st: 1st: Melangel Tilly Tri Star (Mann, Ms MB & J)
2nd: Ellmara Royal Romance with Shirando (Colyer, Mrs S)
3rd: Countess Daisy of Blackpark (Urquhart, Mr & Mrs G)
Res: Denemore Icons Melody at Coxleyview (IKC) (Varley Mrs J)
VHC: Kingshaven Dizzy Wizzy to Jorgealin (George-Evans, Mrs L)

Mid Limit Bitch (6)
1st: Shevid Rumor Has It (Thornton, Mrs A)
2nd: Kingshaven Dizzy Wizzy to Jorgealin (George-Evans, Mrs L)
3rd: Volpeula Parure (Patrick, Ms E)
Res: Temelora Gathering Dreams for Paupad (Coughlan, Mr & Mrs P)

Limit Bitch (7)
1st: Connection Siljans White Star (Imp Fin) (Price, Mrs W)
2nd: Catherine Pixie is a Blackpark (Urquhart, Mr & Mrs G)
3rd: Paupad Revelaton (Coughlan, Mr & Mrs P)
Res: Hillsorg Matks Amelia (Anderson, Mrs C)
VHC: Kingshaven Zaffron at Altaya (Stanmore, Mr & Mrs N)

Open Bitch (9)
1st: Sempefidelis Dulcidine (Buckley- Waters, Lord & Mrs D)
2nd: Ch Gleniren Kiss Me Kate Sunshoo (Robb, Mrs I & Mr G)
3rd: Ch Ancojo Whisper to Me (Cullen, Mr & Ms P)
Res: Amicae Look Who`s Talking (Whitehill, MrsM)
VHC: IrJrCh Spiniloons Classic Caress JW ShCM, CW14 (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J)

Veteran Bitch (14)
1st: Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW ShCM (Davidson-Poston, Mrs J)
2nd: Begaville Geordie Girl for Paparottsie (Urwin, Mrs P)
3rd: Be My Little Girl of Tony El-Afrafi (Imp Nld) (Morrell & Teague, Mrs S & T)
Res: Ch Jhanakia Highland Breeze (Thompson, Mrs J)
VHC: Ch Paparottsie Painted Lady ShCM (Urwin, Mrs P)

Open Phalene Bitch (3rd:1a)
1st: Pinkmead New Years Eve (Sparks, Mrs V)
2nd: Pinkmead Toffee Apple Twise (Sparks, Mrs V)