Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2013

15 April 2013
Judges: Mr R Bramptom (Dogs), Mrs C A Ahern (Bitches), Mrs A Borg (JH & BIS)

Best in Show: Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Res Best in Show: Gleniren Nickolia Mania Sunshoo
Best Opposite Sex: Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago

Best Puppy in Show: Melangel Time to Shine
Res Best Puppy in Show: Melangel Tilly Tri Star

Dog CC: Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Dog RCC: Gleniren Nickolia Mania Sunshoo
Bitch CC: Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago
Bitch RCC: Sempefidelis Dulcidine
Best Puppy Dog: Melangel Time to Shine
Res Best Puppy Dog: Amicae Something to Say
Best Puppy Bitch: Melangel Tilly Tri Star
Res Best Puppy Bitch: Buttalowie Amazing Grace

Best Fringes in Show: Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder
Best Veteran in Show: Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago
Best Phalene in Show: Temelora a Touch of Frost

Best Junior Handler in Show: Keavy McGrath (16 yrs)

Minor Puppy Dog 16 Entries, 2 absent
1st Melangel Time To Shine
2nd Temelora Rising Star
3rd Sweetbriar Face the Music
Res Feorlig Ollywood Star
VHC Tricianbri Gold Bequest to Inixia

Puppy Dog 12 Entries
1st Amicae Something to Say
2nd Omedgabille I am a Petitchian
3rd Rozamie Montpellier at Belvane
Res Farleysbane Scouts Honour
VHC Coffee Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp Pol)

Junior Dog 11 Entries, 1 abstent
1st Rozamie Dream Lover
2nd Eternal Spirit Forever Rayol
3rd Lilacrose Magic Touch
Res Inixia Cheeky Charlie
VHC Tutyak Get up and Go

Yearling Dog 8 Entries
1st Conysluck the Red Baron
2nd Feorlig Magic in the Making
3rd Papplewick Preacher Man JW ShCM
Res Sukanto Yuki Storm
VHC Bankshill Lord of the Dance

Maiden Dog 1 Entry
1st Papadore Spot on Manny at Pappretty

Novice Dog 4 Entries, 1 Absent
1st Macstrak Jack Daniel
2nd Bankshill Lord of the Rings
3rd Amicae Yakety Yack

Graduate Dog 6 Entries
1st Amicae Magic Touch at Belvane
2nd Jadelands Summertime Secret in Poppywood
3rd Lilacrose Magic Touch
Res Mystick Spark Melangel
VHC Kissable De Costalina at Panspayon (Imp Bel)

Post Graduate Dog 11 Entries, 1 absent
1st Temelora a Touch of Frost
2nd Inixia Call me Freddie
3rd Ookiimimi Cracker Jack
Res Powdermill Perfik Touch
VHC Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder

Mid Limit Dog 8 Entries, 1 absent
1st Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv
2nd Ringlands Bracken at Blackpark
3rd Feorlig Klever Kloggs JW
Res Panspayon Lucky Jim
VHC Temelora Bobby Dazzler

Limit Dog 13 Entries, 1 absent
1st Inixia Delightful Dan JW ShCM
2nd Harry Parry at Ringlands
3rd Powdermill Red Hot Touch
Res Denemore Life of Reilly for Cantoverde
VHC Wendwoods Heavenly Star

Open Dog 16 Entries
1st Gleniren Nikolia Mania Sunshoo
2nd Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser
3rd Feorlig Chase the Dream JW
Res Ch Burghbridge Ur Solid Gold
VHC Jhanakia Highland Destiny

Veteran Dog 9 Entries
1st Ch Ringlands Treasures Story
2nd Ch Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia
3rd Sharjoy Regency Buck
Res Ch Jhanakia Royal Highlander
VHC Ch Calajoy Robbie MacFluff

Open Phalene Dog 3 Entries
1st Temelora a Touch of Frost
2nd Temelora for your Eyes Only
3rd Papadore Quileute

Minor Puppy Bitch 12 Entries
1st Melangel Tilly Tri Star
2nd Ablazzor Dark Lady at Cantoverde
3rd Temelora Wish Upon A Star
Res Amicae Talk Talk
VHC Amicae Gabbie Aggie

Puppy Bitch 9 Entries, 1 absent
1st Buttalowie Amazing Grace
2nd Spinillons Classic Caress
3rd Metamorphic Onyx
Res Metamorphic Opan

Junior Bitch 5 Entries
1st Taliesyn Alcea Rosea
2nd Denemore Gabiscandy Floss at Tricianbri
3rd Denemore Icons Melody at Coxleyview (IKC)
Res Ellmara Tri the Romance
VHC Connection Siljans White Star

Yearling Bitch 13 Entries, 1 absent
1st Kazim Uptown Girl
2nd Calajoy Mystic Mia
3rd Catherine Pixie is a Blackpark
Res Lynlight Kiss and Tell
VHC Taliesyn Briar Rose

Maiden Bitch 5 Entries, 1 absent
1st Melangel Touch of Magic
2nd Buttalowie Amazing Grace
3rd Metamorphic Onyx
Res Afterglow Papa Don’t Preach

Novice Bitch 5 Entries
1st Brontigaer Time for Love with Inixia
2nd Flutura Strawberry Cupcake
3rd Gleniren Kiss Me Kate Sunshoo
Res Metamorphic Onyx
VHC Cintarshe Silver Carneliam at Shalander

Graduate Bitch 6 Entries, 3 absent
1st Spinillons Classic Caress
2nd Denemore Gabiscandy Floss at Tricianbri
3rd Tinklebury Silly Milly

Post Graduate Bitch 12 Entries
1st Papshund Lady Sasha for Rayol
2nd Jhanakia Highland Minuet
3rd Lafford Ifly
Res Cintarshe Dancing Light Johnasta

Mid Limit Bitch 6 Entries, 3 absent
1st Craigaber Timewatch
2nd Tinklebury Hurtle Murtle
3rd Temelora Gathering Dreams for Paupad

Limit Bitch 13 Entries, 1 absent
1st Sempefidelis Dulcidine
2nd Tricianbri Wish n’ Kiss
3rd Paupad Revelation JW
Res Meerwings the Swallow Tale by Pyatshaw
VHC Blackpark Zena

Open Bitch 13 Entries, 1 absent
1st Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire
2nd Ch Twiggy Cupcake of Flutura JW
3rd Ch Ancojo Whisper to Me
Res Ch Mad about Saffron for Ringlands

Veteran Bitch 12 Entries, 2 absent, 1 withdrawn
1st Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago
2nd Temelora Magic Affair
3rd Bedellus Heaven Sent you to Kazim
Res Ch Serenglade Satanya for Temelora
VHC Ch Jhanakia Highland Breeze

Open Phalene Bitch 4 Entries
1st Papshund Lady Sasha for Rayol
2nd Multi Int Ch Temelora Nicholas’s Gift
3rd Temelora Forest Maid of Metamorphic
Res Flutura Strawberry Cupcake

Junior Handling (Judge Anne Borg)

Junior Handling 6-11 Years 6 Entries, 2 absent
1st Eleanore Taylor (11 yrs)
2nd Bethany Osborne (7 yrs)
3rd Katherine Sellick (11 yrs)
Res Jacob Green (9 yrs)

Junior Handling 12-16 years 3 Entries
1st Keavy McGrath (16 yrs)
2nd Caragh McGrath (13 yrs)
3rd Jonathan Wells (15 yrs)