Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2002

7th April 2002

Dogs – Mr R Banfield (Kingshaven)
Bitches – Mrs J Banfield (Kingshaven)

221 Dogs entered

Best in Show: Ch Denemore Forbidden Treasure
Best Puppy: Amicae Rudi Bare
Best Veteran in Show: Ch Ringlands Treasure Trove

Res.Best in Show: Graycaz Green is Envy
Best Opposite Sex: Ch Graycaz Blissful Thinking
Res.Best Puppy: Snowlord Swiss Maid for Serenglade

Dog CC: Ch Denemore Forbidden Treasure
Res.Dog CC: Graycaz Green is Envy
Bitch CC: Ch Graycaz Blissful Thinking
Res.Bitch CC: Sunshoo Imastar Lighter

Minor Puppy Dog (13)
1st Tykkdewas Rownberry
2nd Inixia French Resistance
3rd Burghbridge Royal Tribute
4th Shamal Masquerade Alcala
5th Jhanakia Monach of the Glen

Puppy Dog (13)
1st Amicae Rudi Bare
2nd Inixia French Resistance
3rd Galsafon Welsh Gold
4th Christea Crackling Crumpet
5th Cendals Mischievious Lord for Shirando

Junior Dog (6)
1st Macstrak Minuet
2nd Graycaz Imafirestarter
3rd Havenbar Nagic Moon
4th Elvistar Sir Pride
5th Shamal Tell Me Another

Special Yearling Dog (3)
1st Ch Denemore Forbidden Tresaure
2nd Graycaz Give It Up For Thello
3rd Inixia Perfect Poser

Maiden Dog (0)

Novice Dog (5)
1st Macstrak Minuet
2nd Barj Hot Gossip in Matura
3rd Cendals Mischievious Lord for Shirando
4th Elvistar Sir Pride
5th Elendil Alexander

Graduate Dog (5)
1st Inixia You Know Who
2nd Murvagh High Cascade
3rd Ringlands Red Rikki at Barleybright
4th Inixia Perfect Poser
5th Sharlandar Top Hat

Post Graduate Dog (13)
1st Panspayon Panjandrum at Barj
2nd Abbeyton Silver Phantom
3rd Abbeyton Tiger Bay
4th Giverny Sorcerer
5th Temelora Finnian

Limit Dog (22)
1st Subshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
2nd Inixia So Be It for Elendil
3rd Inixia Hugo’s There
4th Panspayon Hallelujah at Melbentam
5th Burghbridge Ned Kelly

Open (14)
1st Graycaz Green Is Envy
2nd Ch Tijuana Minstrel
3rd Ibstock Marksman
4th Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader of Daneview
5th Penang Bold Horatio

Vet. Dog (2)
1st Jonmaru Sky Walker at Aporia
2nd Dellatown Special Envoy

Sp. Phalene Open (2)
1st Melbentam Cracker Jack
2nd Dellatown A Touch of Glory

Sp. Beginners Dog (7)
1st Pinelan Alpine Snow
2nd Melbentam The Blues Singer
3rd Sunshoo Jeremy Fisher
4th Meziara Music Man of Jaroma
5th Geanzger A Touch Of Class for Beausher

Minor Puppy Bitch (12)
1st Snowlord Swiss Maid for Serenglade
2nd Inixia Party Truffle
3rd Pinelan Day-Dreaming at Northlyte
4th Gleniren Jump N’ Jive
5th Tykkdewas Honeysuckle Rose

Puppy Bitch (13)
1st Tussalud Cruella De-Ville
2nd Amicae Winnie Bear
3rd Bobbards Primrose Posy for Maki
4th Shamal Fancy That
5th Feorlig Zweet Sensation

Junior Bitch (12)
1st Graycaz Ona Promise
2nd Adnamashan Cute As A
3rd Novastar I Can Do Magic
4th Penang Dream Seeker
5th Invergarick Reflections

Sp. Yearling Bitch (7)
1st Ringlands Disco Dancer at Shamal
2nd Inixia Senorita Victoria
3rd Novastar I Can Do Magic
4th Melangel Dolly Dream Girl
5th Jujohn Floppy Disc of Baylentide

Maiden Bitch (4)
1st Inixia Party Poppet
2nd Serenglade Leah Lika Liltie
3rd Dellatown Rimzim Diamonds Are Forever
4th Serenglade Starlet for Novastar

Novice Bitch (3)
1st Melangel Carrianne
2nd Ringlands Going for Gold
3rd Serenglade Starstruck for Novastar

Graduate Bitch (6)
1st Sunshoo Imastar Lighter
2nd Daneview Dainty Ruby Ringlands
3rd Murvagh Moonlit Waters
4th Inixia Mademoiselle Violette
5th Chappell Top Of The Morning

Post Graduate Bitch (18)
1st Pinelan Amaryllis
2nd Inixia Jack’s Jewel
3rd Tutyak Quene
4th Glasafon Apple Blossom at Giverny
5th Tonring Naughty But Nice of Matura

Limit Bitch (13)
1st Lynlight Angel of Ringlands
2nd Amicae Rainbow High
3rd Tijuana Sophie
4th Elendil Peri
5th Inixia Sweer Dreams

Open Bitch (12)
1st Graycaz Blissful Thinking (Ch)
2nd Burghbridge Our Princess
3rd Ch Inixia Aureole
4th Barallan Jump For Joy
5th Ch Ringlands Cover Girls Story

Vet. Bitch (7)
1st Ch Ringlands Treasure Trove
2nd Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
3rd Simply Sophia at Serenglade
4th Ch Serenglade Seraphim
5th Ch Graycaz Olivia

Sp. Phalene Open Bitch (2)
1st Novastar Majic N’ Myths
2nd Shamal Fancy That

Sp. Brood Bitch (3)
1st Chappell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
2nd Alcala Juliet
3rd Princess Sophia at Shalandar

Sp. Beginners Bitch (6)
1st Murvagh Rippling Stream
2nd Inixia Mademoiselle Viola
3rd Serenglade Simply Scarlett
4th Melangle Dolly Dream Girl
5th Ringlands Going For Gold

Brace (3)
1st Miss Taylor’s Brace
2nd Mrs Merchant-Giles Brace
3rd Mrs Melvin’s Brace

Junior Handling 6-11
1st Clare Butler

Junior Handling 12-16
1st Julia Giilchrist