Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2000

9th April 2000
Dogs – Mr G Urquhart (Blackpark)
Bitches – Mrs R Johnston (Dourhu)

Best in Show: Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly
Best Puppy in Show: Carasweet Lovesome Teddy
Best Veteran in Show: Ch Inixia Artful Andrew

Res. Best in Show: Caswell Copper Connection
Best Opposite Sex: Caswell Copper Connection
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Inixia Roseanna

Dog CC: Caswell Copper Connection
Res.Dog CC: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
Bitch CC: Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly
Res.Bitch CC: Ringlands La Fortona with Brontigaer

Minor Puppy Dog (14)
1st: Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
2nd: Inixia Jack The Lad
3rd: Kingshaven Quite The Guy
Res: Shalandar Top Hat
VHC: Inixia So It Be

Puppy Dog (13)
1st: Carasweet Lovesome Teddy
2nd: Christea’s Likely Story
3rd: Tykkydewas Twylytedancer
Res: Kingshaven Queam Quakers at Gleniren
VHC: Shamal Ravel

Junior Dog (11)
1st: Ibstock Marksman
2nd: Golyfamor Leighton
3rd: Heavenly Sightseer
Res: Kingshaven Quizotic
VHC: Sunshoo Imacrimson Crusader

Special Yearling Dog(3)
1st: Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader of Daneview
2nd: Pilipalas Othello’s Cello
3rd: Jaanjay Boy O Boy It’s Toska

Maiden Dog (6)
1st: Nouveau Lord Of The Flame
2nd: Dewey’s a Fine Boy
3rd: Inixia Hugo’s There
Res: Bonnicks Super Ted
VHC: Beddellus Birchino

Novice Dog (8)
1st: Shalandar Top Hat
2nd: Panspayon Hallelujah
3rd: Aporia Jolson Sings Again
Res: Tykkydewas Twylytedancer
VHC: Inixia’s How’s That

Graduate Dog (9)
1st: Caswell Copyright
2nd: Burbridge Moonraker
3rd: Kingshaven Pickles
Res: Pinelan Alpine Snow
VHC: Glasafon Ben Hur

Post Graduate Dog (16)
1st: Ibstock Toy Boy
2nd: Serenglade Silvaron to Prestella
3rd: Shamal Magician at Temelora
Res: Serenglade Setanta for Temelora
VHC: Tussalud Juke Box

Limit Dog (18)
1st: Caswell Copper
2nd: Nouveau Puppet Master
3rd: Burbridge Ned Kelly
Res: Corralyn Tarton Toorie
VHC: Giverny Sorcerer

Open Dog (11)
1st: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
2nd: Ch Marshlea Ambassador
3rd: Inixia Wily Walter
Res: Ch Diquest Fairy Glen
VHC: Ch Kingshaven Principal Boy at Gleniren

Veteran Dog (6)
1st: Ch Inixia Artful Andrew
2nd: Ch Inixia Stylish Stan of Rossacre
3rd: Regal Robert at Aporia
Res: Burbridge Fly For Gold
VHC: Shirando Toysoldier

Special Beginners Dog 11)
1st: Tykkydewas Twylytedancer
2nd: Dewey’s a Fine Boy
3rd: Pinelan Alpine Snow
Res: Vella Eurocrat
VHC: Pyatshaw White Heat

Special Open Phalene Dog (1)
1st: Sunshoo Imahollywood Hero

Minor Puppy Bitch (15)
1st: Inixia Roseanna
2nd: Bonifee Sophisticated Lady
3rd: Pilipalas Vienna-Walz
Res: Farfalla Dynasty
VHC: Panspayon Lucy Lawless

Puppy Bitch (20)
1st: Melangel Carrianne
2nd: Tonring Sweet Surrender
3rd: Kingshaven Quickstep
Res: Bobbards May Belle
VHC: Kingshaven Quazy Rhythm

Junior Bitch (14)
1st: Ringlands La Fortona with Brontigaer
2nd: Silverbrook Gypsy Lady
3rd: Nouveau Light Up The Sky
Res: Ibstock Adorable at Tussalud
VHC: Inixia Courtesan

Special Yearling Bitch (5)
1st: Daneview Dainty Eric
2nd: Elendil Peri
3rd: Fraserdene Laelia
Res: Panspayon Signorita Evita
VHC: Beausher Diamond Glory

Maiden Bitch (3)
1st: Fraserdene Mahonia
2nd: Tykkydewas Tallulah
3rd: Panspayon Lady In Red at Malbentam

Novice Bitch (6)
1st: Burbridge Olympic Gold at Christea
2nd: Chapppell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
3rd: Elendil Primrose
Res: Jujohn Class of Her Own
VHC: Volpino Moon Fantasy

Graduate Bitch (7)
1st: Inixia Femme Fatale
2nd: Syb Ella at Tykkydewas
3rd: Lorah’s Chance To Dream
Res: Shalandar Snowberry
VHC: Vandyck Lionise

Post Graduate Bitch (14)
1st: Tonring My Desire
2nd: Lindendale Liberty Belle
3rd: Inixia Magnolia
Res: Giverny Mystique
VHC: Alcala Juliet

Limit Bitch (20)
1st: Jonmaru Maid For Dancing
2nd: Bonifee Scintillating Susy
3rd: Daneview Dainty Lucia
Res: Rixbury Queen In Amber Shimna
VHC: Shamal Miss Behave

Open Bitch (8)
1st: Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly
2nd: Ch Daneview Dainty Bella Bella
3rd: Inixia Aureole
Res: Ch Graycaz Olivia
VHC: Ch Lorah’s Spellbinda

Veteran Bitch (9)
1st: Ch Serenglade Seraphim
2nd: Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
3rd: Roshelle Sarah Jane at Lindendale
Res: Simply Sophia at Serenglade
VHC: Starfly Only Rose

Special Brood Bitch (8)
1st: Marshlea Belle Fille
2nd: Ch Mannsown Maybe Someday
3rd: Elendil Liannor
Res: Tykkydewas Taffeta
VHC: Princess Sophia of Shalandar

Special Beginners Bitch (10)
1st: Jonmaru Maid For Dancing
2nd: Melangel Carrianne
3rd: Chapppell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
Res: Jonmaru Gorgeous Dancer
VHC: Shalandar Pollyanna

Special Open Phalene Bitch (2)
1st: Serenglade Symphony
2nd: Serenglade Salimah

Junior Handling 6-11 Years (9)
1st: Charlotte McNamara
2nd: Kirsten Stewart-Knight
3rd: Sam Houghton
Res: Emma McLaughlin
VHC: Jamie Zambas

Junior Handling 12-16 Years (7)
1st: Glenn Robb
2nd: Thomas Isherwood
3rd: Hayley Shillingford
Res: Charis MacFarlane
VHC: Suzanne Germany