Optigen DNA Testing – Papillon PRA1 Test

We have received information that Val Tiller (Foxbarton Border Collies) is running an Optigen 20/20 Clinic again 16th September for DNA Testing including the Pap PRA1 test. It is for blood samples only (Optigen consider this the most reliable method). The blood samples can be stored by Optigen for future testing should new tests become available for Paps.

Val Tiller clients get a 30% discount on Optigen’s prices in addition to their Combo Discount should you need more than one test per dog. There is a charge for test kits + postage by Fedex to the USA but this becomes cheaper per dog if more than one dog being tested.

Val lives in Epsom, Surrey, and people can attend in person or partake as Postal Participants.

Blood samples by post need to be taken between 8th & 12th September and her discount code becomes “live” at Optigen from 6th Sept.

Full details are available now from val.tiller@talk21.com