Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund was started in 1961 primarily to assist members who were ill and, if necessary, to care for their dogs.

Mrs Elizabeth Knowles became Administrator in 1968, a position she held until her death in 2003. During her time in office, the Area Representative scheme came into operation under the umbrella of the Benevolent Fund and, with help from the Area Reps, the Benevolent Fund also dealt with rescue and rehoming.

In view of the increase in the club’s membership, and the volume of work being put upon the Benevolent Administrator,  it was felt necessary to create a separate Welfare and Rescue Scheme and also a Puppy Register.  These two schemes have now successfully been in operation for some time.

The Benevolent fund has now returned to its original reason for being in existence, and that is to keep in touch with any member who may be ill or hospitalised with cards or flowers, and also to keep in touch with our older retired members, especially at Christmas time.

The Benevolent Fund Administrator has to rely on members to advise her of anyone who might be ill or in hospital, or might have other problems when a friendly phone call or card might bring some comfort.

 Kat Milroy is currently the Club’s Benevolent Fund Administrator, and can be contacted on 01449 723335