Adopting a Rescue Dog

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Sadly, the majority of dogs that find themselves in rescue are there through no fault of their own. Most have been surrendered to us by owners unable through circumstances to continue to provide for them. Ageing, poor health, loss of job or home and marriage breakdown are common reasons. We try to obtain a good history of the dog to enable us to match the individual dog to the new home best suited to them.

Some dogs are bereft of all proper care and a sorry sight when rescued; matted coat and neglected teeth. These need immediate veterinary checks and extra care during fostering. A clipped Papillon may look very different but will certainly be more comfortable post bath and flea treat!

All the dogs looking for new homes are placed with Foster carers (Some of whom are members of our parent club). These assess the temperament and needs of the individual dog and provide a safe, caring environment. Not every dog will suit any home, just as not every home would suit any dog.

Adoption is not the end of the story for us and we love to hear from you and can offer support during the settling in period.

Our club has many pet owners who do not show dogs but who get involved in other activities like Agility, Obedience, Pets as Therapy Partners, Flyball and Heelwork to Music. Papillons are in the “Top Ten most Intelligent Breeds” and love to work.

For those who would like to teach an ‘old dog new tricks’ there are plenty of local training classes and the Kennel Club site can give information about local training classes and ‘Good Citizens’ competitions held locally and nationally; culminating at Crufts Dog Show in the Spring every year.

Please consider; if you are unable to adopt one of our Papillons at this time, there are other ways you could help.

We are continually looking for volunteers to help with transport to the foster homes/new homes (and even local veterinary visits) and volunteers to carry out home checks on prospective homes. Fundraising is also invaluable to us.

Our Foster carer volunteers come from all walks of life with varied experience. What is important is they love to make a difference, ensuring that no dog from a home environment has to suffer the distress of kenneling.

Some, who feel unable to commit to owning a dog through personal circumstances find this short term fostering very rewarding

Do you have an ‘empty lap’ to fill in this way?

We are always happy to accept applications for these re-homing roles, and volunteers can sign up for several of these roles which are interdependent on each other.