Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Spring Open Show 1999

28th February 1999
Judge – Mr J Ness

Best in Show: Ardbeck Tinkerbelle
Best Puppy in Show: Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren

Res. Best in Show: Ringlands Hologram
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Lorah’s Chance To Dream

Best Dog : Ringlands Hologram
Res.Best Dog : Giverny Magic Story
Best Bitch : Ardbeck Tinkerbelle
Res.Best Bitch : Lorah’s Spellbinda

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st: Giverny Sorcerer
2nd: Kingshaven Pickles
3rd: Novastar Navigator

Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren
2nd: Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader Of Daneview
3rd: Kingshaven Party Goer
Res: Tijuana Tell Tale

Junior Dog (4)
1st: Tussalud Juke Box
2nd: Glasafon Wedgewood
3rd: Claretta Just Magical
Res: Shamal Mystique

Maiden Dog (2)
1st: Tijuana Tell Tale
2nd: Happypapy What A Charmer

Novice Dog (2)
1st: Sunshoo Imared dereksun
2nd: Benzara Tristar

Post Graduate Dog (10)
1st: Ringlands Hologram
2nd: Tijuana Minstrel
3rd: Kingshaven Oh Mr Porter
Res: Glasafon Royal Welsh
VHC: Yeldeah Rupert Bear

Limit Dog (8)
1st: Giverny Magic Story
2nd: Claretta Just William
3rd: Hemdale Academic Ali
Res: Tijuana Smart Guy
VHC: Ibstock Boy Blue

Open Dog (7)
1st: Marshlea Ambassador
2nd: Omaonaig Parcheval
3rd: Jonmaru Sky Walker At Aporia
Res: Oaklea Dances With Wolves
VHC: Geanzger Little But Smart

Special Beginners Dog (1)
1st: Oaklea Dances With Wolves

Minor Puppy Bitch (7)
1st: Lorah’s Chance To Dream
2nd: Glasafon Black Silk
3rd: Daneview Dainty Jacqueline
Res: Bonifee Truly Scrumptious
VHC: Giverny Mystique

Puppy Bitch (8)
1st: Ringlands Heather
2nd: Tijuana Tiller Girl
3rd: Lorah’s Chances Are
Res: Tawzan Freya Of Chriskadu
VHC: Daneview Dainty Eiric

Junior Bitch (8)
1st: Wingars Mist Obscures All At Alwenil
2nd: Claretta magic Charmer
3rd: Omaonaig Daffodil Blue
Res: Barleybright April Sky At Melangel
VHC: Charmont Rosie Ribbons

Maiden Bitch (8)
1st: Tussalud Teddy’s Story
2nd: Glasafon Black Silk
3rd: Omaonaig Daffodil Blue
Res: Much Ado About Me Melangel
VHC: Aporia Lady Annabelle

Novice Bitch (8)
1st: Claretta Simply Magic
2nd: Tijuana Tiller Girl
3rd: Omaonaig Daffodil Blue
Res: Volpinos Miss Tell tale
VHC: Charmont Sherrie Anne

Post Graduate Bitch (10)
1st: Yeldeah Thumbelina
2nd: Blackpark Olive
3rd: Kingshaven Over The Rainbow
Res: Alcala Jenny Wren With Brontigaer
VHC: Happypappy Misteriosa

Limit Bitch (8)
1st: Lorah’s Spellbinda
2nd: Marshlea Belle Fille
3rd: Shirando Summer Holiday
Res: Tawzan Storybook Girl Of Chriskadu
VHC: Volpinos Miss Tell Tale

Open Bitch (8)
1st: Ardbeck Tinkerbelle
2nd: Vella Ennis
3rd: Ch Ringlands Cover Girl
Res: Omaonaig Midnight Sun
VHC: Nouveau Georgy Girl At Shirando

Special Beginners Bitch (3)
1st: Blackpark Olive
2nd: Happypappy Misteriosa
3rd: Volpinos Rapturious Image

Veteran Dog/Bitch (8)
1st: Ch Marshlea Celebrity
2nd: Ch Ibstock Mark Of Distinction
3rd: Omaonaig Midnight Sun
Res: Wingars Need To Know
VHC: Marshlea May Blossom At Tijuana

Brace (5)
1st: (Mrs S Colyer) – Shirando Summer Holiday / Nouveau Georgy Girl At Shirando
2nd: (Mrs E Ford) – Wizaland Pixie / Kenvee Triagaine
3rd: (Miss C Pougher) – Tawzan Freya of Chriskadu / Tawzan Storybook Girl of Chriskadu
Res: (Mrs D Mooney) – Omaonaig Parcheval / Omaonaig Daffodil Blue
VHC: (Mesdames Stamp/Barber) – Charmont Rosie Ribbons / Charmont Sherrie Anne